I’ve been wearing Black, Blues and Grays my whole life?  How and where do I inject some colour?

 Let’s be honest about the world we live in.  In most places, there are a select few that can’t pass up the chance to make a comment if you deviate from the power, “manly” colours.  Some of the other pet peeves of this group of people are men who take paternity leave and European hockey players.  You can spend your life trying to stay within the confines of this fraternity or branch out ...slowly.

Don’t want to commit to a funky coloured pair of shoes, you don’t have to.  You can get similar results by adding a splash of colour to:

  • Shoelaces - Stolen Riches Laces.  Available at Harry Rosen and GotStyle.  Add some flare to your kicks for less than $20.  
  • Belt – As your shoe collection grows in number and variety, your belt collection should keep up.  Use your belts to add some additional pop into your outfit and orchestrating the double hit with shoes and belt demonstrates you didn’t do it by accident and know what you’re doing.  Colourful Belt Collection  
  • Pocket Square – Imagine you’re attired in your go-to Black/Grey suit, white shirt, dark tie, dark shoes and belt.  One brightly coloured patterned pocket square.  Guess what people will notice first and remember about you.  
  • Socks - Happy Socks.  Hudson’s Bay is one of the many shops you’ll find these at now.  A very subtle way to splash some colour into your wardrobe.  I’ll pay for these if you don’t get a reaction when you’re seated and cross your legs revealing these bad boys.  
  • Watchband - Smart Turnout Watch Straps.  UK based website, have some cool patterned watch straps at a reasonable price.  For the truly daring, see if you can match a belt and watch strap for a truly eye-catching combination that you don’t come across every day.
  • Manbag – A manbag/satchel/messenger bag is a worthwhile investment to wear considering you don’t leave home without your keys, wallet, smartphone, tablet, etc…  Its not only functional to ensure these bulky items don’t get lost and/or throw your silhouette out of whack, but it’s a fun way to add some colour and personality.  Here’s one I found at acool shop in Barcelona (Vaho) made from brightly coloured recyclable material.  Vaho Messenger Bag