Let Style Counsel introduce you to ...yourself.   Knowing your why behind your buy.  I have extensive experience in understanding consumer behaviour and motivation.  It all started for me as that annoying little kid that always asked “Why?” to appease my insatiable curiosity.   It continued to post-secondary as I studied neuroscience, and then started my career in market research and where I was understanding and interpreting shopper behaviour studies and complex data sets on shopper purchasing patterns.Our objective at Style Counsel is to wow our client base with exemplary client service, including presenting outfit combinations you never thought of and paying thorough attention to detail to make your ensemble complete, all of which would require minimal time and effort out of your busy day.  To do this, we’ll rely on our keen fashion sense and also our ability to understand your specific needs.  We all have different motivations that drive our desire to be office eye-candy.  It could be to convey status, be loyal to a designer that’s worked for us or just get the occasional compliment (guilty).   While most of us shop on auto-pilot and most likely never put that much thought into the science behind our buying, its tremendously insightful for us to know what makes you tick.  In other words, what’s the “why” behind your buy?So bring that type of information to the table and you’ll be pleased with how that knowledge magically transforms into a customized look for you.  After all, we’re not trying to get everyone to wear that suit the 19-year old model in the magazine is wearing.  We’re trying to understand the real you and create the look and persona that accompanies that real person.