some guys are uncomfortable with the L-word. Love?  Good guess, but no.  Lesbians?  Yes, another well-thought out guess, but no.  Not saying you're wrong, but not the L-word in mind.   Yes, I mean linen. Here's a summertime combo for work, weddings and the patio. Why it works: 1) Orange is always eye catching 2) Solid jacket and solid pant give you more leeway with patterns for your shirt, pocket square, etc... 3) Black top and light pant combo is always a winner in the summer, linen blazer is just gravy 4) Turn the cuffs up for additional contrast to the blazer Linen blazer.  You could even push the cuffs of your jacket up for an even more relaxed look but try to find the sweet spot between your own sense of style and looking like Don Johnson in Miami Vice.